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The sacroiliac joints are a group of joints in the lower back, situated near the sacrum and ilium bones. Despite their modest size and restricted range of motion, these joints play the crucial role of linking your spine and pelvic bone together. They play a crucial role in absorbing the detrimental shock pressures sustained by the upper body. Inflammation or aggravation of these joints can result in discomfort from the lower back to the buttocks to the legs.
We will first inject a local anesthetic into the sacroiliac joint, using an X-ray for guidance. Before administering the treatment, a dye is released into the joint to ensure proper needle placement and make certain that the medicine is evenly dispersed. The numbing medication is then injected with precision into the joint area using a small needle. If the patient experiences considerable pain reduction after numbing, the sacroiliac joint is almost certainly the root of the problem.
Before the treatment, an intravenous catheter will be inserted into your arm. The catheter will administer drugs if they are needed during the procedure. We will have you rest on your stomach, with a local anesthetic injection numbing the region where the needle will be inserted. The needle will then be advanced under fluoroscopic direction by the doctor. The medication is finally administered once the needle is in the correct place.

After the procedure is complete, we may ask you to stay for around 30 minutes to rule out any adverse reactions. Following a sacroiliac injection, there are just a few restrictions. Patients are advised not to bathe the site of injection in water for at least 24 hours following the operation. The majority of patients return to their regular activities the next day. As a result of the injection, some people may feel sensitivity at the injection site for up to two days. You can ice the location a few times per day to help reduce discomfort.

You will start to experience the full effects of injected steroid medicine anywhere from three days and up to a week following the procedure. We'll typically ask that you return for a follow-up visit 14 days after the treatment. During this visit, Dr. Rehan Ali will determine if any further treatment is necessary.
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