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Medial Branch Blocks Q & A

Small nerves that emerge from the facet joints in the spine and deliver pain signals to the brain are known as medial branch nerves. If you’re experiencing chronic pain, a Medial Branch Block is a procedure that is minimally invasive and can be used to both diagnose facet joint disease as well as treat the associated pain.
There are two goals of this treatment:

• Diagnostic Tool: it indicates that the joint is the source of the problem if you experience immediate pain relief.

• Therapeutic Treatment: the Medial Branch Block itself can be used as a longer-term treatment, alleviating pain for several months.

An anesthetic is first administered near tiny medial nerves attached to a particular facet joint. Typically, we'll inject multiple levels of the spine all at once. If you experience significant pain relief soon after the injection, then we can be certain that the facet joint is the underlying cause of your pain. Once we’ve determined the precise location, then we can use a Medial Branch Block to treat the chronic pain.
You can expect to find considerable pain relief from a Medial Branch Block. In many patients, this chronic pain relief is so significant that it begins to increase their levels of mobility and improve their quality of life. This can happen with only one treatment, but it’s possible that multiple sessions are necessary to achieve the full advantages of the procedure.
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